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Travel Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations for travellers. Wherever you are going, and for whatever reason, we can help.

Some examples of patients we see at our travel clinic include holiday-makers, volunteers, international commuters, students taking a year out for travel and even those taking the trip to Mecca!

We will advise you as to which vaccinations are necessary for you and which are optional, and allow you to choose. Our medical admin team will source the most up-to-date vaccinations for you and during your comprehensive consultation, our fully-licensed GP will treat you with the vaccines you require. 


Which vaccinations do I need for my destination?

Give us a call on 0333 577 5999 to find out which vaccinations you require for your travel destination.

You can also find out which are necessary or recommended by visiting the following websites:

Travel Health Pro

NHS Fit For Travel

Occasionally a country you are visiting will require proof of vaccination. Even if not, it may be useful for you to take a record of the vaccinations you have had with you.

When should I start thinking about getting my vaccinations?

If it is possible, you should arrange to see your GP or travel clinic at least 8 weeks before you are due to travel.​

This is because some vaccinations need time to work, as your body needs time to develop an immunity. Some vaccinations sometimes require multiple doses spread out over a number of weeks or months.

Where can I get my vaccinations?

A few travel vaccinations are available for free on the NHS, if your GP is signed up to provide travel vaccinations. These free immunisations are polio, typhoid hepatitis A and cholera.

Most other vaccinations will have a cost involved, and you may not be able to have these done in your local NHS GP surgery. 

If you give us a call on 0333 577 5999, we will be able to source these vaccinations for you and provide you with an up-front cost before you make your appointment.

It's important to mention...

When planning your travel vaccinations, you should consider your age and overall health, if you are working as an aid worker, in a medical setting or if you will come into contact with any animals whilst abroad. This is because you may be at a higher risk of infection under these circumstances. It may also be the case if you have an immune deficiency that extra care will need to be taken, and it may be advised that you do not have vaccinations. 

It is also important to let your GP know if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. Although it's unlikely that having any vaccinations will affect the baby, it is important to let your doctor know as they will be able to give you appropriate advice for your situation.

Contact us

Give us a call to let us know the location of travel and when you are leaving, and we will sort everything out for you.

Our trained medical administration team will provide you with a list of vaccinations you require and which are optional and a quotation, giving you the choice armed with all the information you need.

We will then book you in with one of our local GPs who will administer the vaccinations for you.

Please be aware that some vaccinations come as a course and some take some time to become effective in your system. It is important to let us know as soon as you can so we have plenty of time to treat you and ensure the vaccines work as effectively as possible so you can travel safely.

0333 577 5999