Prenatal Genetic Testing

We offer prenatal non-invasive genetic pregnancy testing at our clinics in Perth, St Andrews and Dundee, with prices starting from £450.

Panorama Genetic Testing

Get important genetic information about your baby's health as early as 9 weeks into your pregnancy with a non-invasive Panorama™ screening.


We are proud to be the sole providers of the Panorama test in Scotland. Panorama is a safe,  non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) and involves taking a sample of blood from the mother's arm. The test screens for genetic abnormalities such as Down's syndrome, Edward's syndrome and Patau's Syndrome, and there are three options for testing to choose from.


  • Screens for genetic abnormalities including Down's syndrome.

  • A simple blood draw from the mother's arm, posing no risk to the baby.

  • Can determine the baby's gender if requested, at no extra cost.

  • The test can all be done in one single visit to the clinic.

Your Panorama options

There are three tests, so you can choose which option is the best for you. We can also provide a gender test with any of the three options for no extra charge if you would like to know the gender of your baby. Before your test, the GP will discuss all three options with you, so you can decide now or make the decision during your appointment.

Panorama Baseline - £450

This screening involves a simple blood test, with bloods taken from the mother's arm. It will identify whether the baby is at high or low risk of having Down's syndrome, Edward's syndrome or Patau's syndrome. 

Panorama 2 - £500

Similarly to the baseline test, this screening involves a simple blood test with blood being taken from the mother's arm. It includes all the tests from the Baseline screen plus a test for the next most common chromosome deletion (22q).

Panorama 3 - £550

As the first two tests, this screening involves taking blood from the mother's arm. In addition to the tests mentioned in the first two options, this test also checks for micro-deletions, sex chromosome abnormalities and triploidy.

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