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How much does a Private GP appointment cost in Edinburgh?

Have you been struggling to fit a GP appointment around your busy schedule? Maybe you are having to wait weeks to get a suitable appointment? Perhaps, you’re looking for a service which is not routinely provided by the NHS. For whatever reason, this may be your first time considering making a private GP appointment in Edinburgh. Seeing a private GP may be a daunting prospect to begin with, and you might have lots of questions about the process. A question often at the forefront of people's minds, is how much does a private GP appointment actually cost in Edinburgh? In this article, I will discuss the different types of appointment and services available. I will also discuss the costs for Edinburgh and explain why they may differ.

How does a private GP appointment differ to an NHS GP appointment?

Firstly, it is important to remember that seeing a private GP does not affect your registration with an NHS GP. Also, if you give permission, your private GP can work alongside your NHS GP to coordinate your care. The main differences between private and NHS appointments include the length of the appointment and the amount of time you need to wait to be seen. Within private clinics, there are often very short waiting times of 1-2 days. Some practices can even offer same-day appointments. Private GP appointments are also usually longer and can be tailored in length depending on what your needs are. Private practices are also known to have extended opening hours, in order to allow you to work appointments around your busy schedule.

What kind of appointments can I choose from?

Private practices offer a wide variety of appointments depending on what it is you are looking for. If you are looking for some advice about a new or pre-existing problem, but have had trouble seeing your NHS GP, you can book to see a private GP in a clinic for an appointment. These face to face appointments can range from 20-40 minutes, to give you time to discuss all your ideas and concerns without feeling rushed or pressured. If you have multiple or more complex issues you would like to discuss, you can ask for an extended appointment to ensure you have sufficient time.

Not all private appointments have to be face-to-face. Another option when seeing a private GP is a video consultation. Video consultations allow you to see a GP without having to leave the comfort and security of your home. Using the camera on your phone, laptop, or tablet, you see a GP often on the same day as the appointment is made. If you’re feeling camera shy, private practices can also offer a telephone consultation. These are an excellent way to get advice quickly and securely, without having to attend an appointment in person.

How long is a private GP appointment?

The length of your appointment is mostly dependent on what you are hoping to get out of your consultation and what services you require. Private appointments in Edinburgh can range in time on average from 10 minutes to 1 hour. For example, if you require a repeat prescription or some advice on medication ou could book in for a standard length appointment with a practice. This will usually still give you more time than you would receive in an NHS appointment. However, if you have multiple conditions to discuss or are looking to have some tests done, you may require a longer appointment. This is to allow time for the GP to complete all your tests. For health checks or screenings, these are often a length set by the clinic. If you are in doubt of how long an appointment you require, you can always give the practice a call and ask their advice on which to book.

So, how much does a private GP appointment cost in Edinburgh?

Similarly to the length of appointment, the price of your appointment is really linked to both how long the appointment is and what you are looking for in the consultation.

The Edinburgh Clinic

The Edinburgh Clinic offer a wide range of appointments, tailored to your needs. Appointment prices range from £100 for a 15-minute appointment to £240 for a 1-hour appointment. All appointments can also be done over the phone if a face to face consultation is not practical. The appointment fees also include onward in-house referrals for both imaging and specialists.


GP consultations with yourGP are often same day and usually within 24 hours. Appointment fees range from £100 for 15-minute appointments to £300 for a 1-hour appointment. They also offer a 15-minute telephone consultation for a fee of £85. There is a £50 fee for referrals, letters and sick lines.


GP-Plus, based in Edinburgh city centre, offer both face to face and telephone consultations. Depending on which doctor you see, a 15-minute appointment can range between £140 - £220. After the initial 15 minutes, each extra 5 minutes of consultation is charged at £35.

Is Vaila Health an option for me?

If you are in Edinburgh and looking to make an appointment with a private GP, at Vaila Health we can offer you a variety of private GP consultations and services.

Our online video consultation services allow you to see an experienced GP online in minutes without having to leave your house. If you’re having trouble making it to appointments, or finding a time that suits you, this option could be the perfect alternative. Prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes are all available during a video consultation. Prescriptions can be picked up from any UK pharmacy. Our video consultations last 10 minutes and are priced at £45. Alongside our video consultations, we also offer telephone consultations, which are cost £45 for a 10-minute consultation.

We are pleased to announce that in the near future we will be offering in-clinic services to the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians. This means you will be able to make an in-clinic appointment to see a Vaila Health GP face to face.

In summary

The cost of a private GP appointment in Edinburgh can vary. Different clinics and practices can charge different fees depending on the length of the appointment and what services you require within your appointment. Some clinics charge extra for add on services such as referrals, prescriptions and tests. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is to phone the clinic. They will then be able to guide you on what appointment length and type they think is most suitable for your needs.

If you have any questions about our services or want to know how to make an appointment, please get in touch! You can pop us an email to or message us via live chat.

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