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How do we set our private GP pricing at Vaila Health?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

If you are reading this then you are probably thinking about paying to see a GP. Maybe the waiting list at your NHS surgery is two weeks and you are looking for something quicker and more convenient? Or perhaps you have already looked at a few private clinics and you’re trying to work out why the costs vary?

The cost of seeing a private GP, face-to-face, in the UK varies widely depending on where you are; the most expensive cities being London and Edinburgh. Some will be as low as £49 and some will be as high as, or even more than, £200. At Vaila Health, we charge £80 for a twenty-minute face-to-face consultation.

The kind of things which affect how we set our prices are: clinic location, cost of rent, parking, appointment length, attracting the best GPs and paying them fairly, insurance, licensing the clinics, marketing and staff costs.

The cost of a video consultation tends to be more standardised in the UK, as it isn’t so affected by clinic overheads. When our platform is complete, we will charge £30 for a ten-minute consultation, and this cost is based on us offering the most competitive prices when compared to other healthcare providers in the market.


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