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We believe it is better to be proactive about your health now, to reduce the risk of serious illness or disease in the future. We offer a series of health checks which can be tailored to suit your needs. If a condition is detected early, it is often much easier to treat and may even be reversible.

Our comprehensive screening packages are aimed at picking up serious but common medical conditions and are perfect for those who want a full “MOT”. Perhaps there is an illness that runs in your family, or do you feel your lifestyle (smoking, drinking habits, diet) is putting your health at risk?

Book an appointment now and take control of your current and future health.

Core Health Check


  • Full medical history, medication review and lifestyle consultation

  • Height, weight and BMI checks

  • Examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen and lymph nodes

  • Urinalysis to assess kidney and bladder health

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment

  • Blood pressure

  • Bloods tests: anaemia screen (iron levels), immune cell levels, kidney function, liver function, diabetes screen, cholesterol check, lipid profile and thyroid function

Doctor with Computer

Well Man Health Check


  • Everything included in Core MOT, plus:

  • Bowel cancer screening test

  • Prostate examination (optional)

  • PSA prostate blood test

  • Calcium and vitamin D test

  • Osteoporosis risk assessment

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Well Woman Health Check


  • Everything included in Core MOT, plus:

  • Bowel cancer screening test

  • Breast examination (optional)

  • Pelvic examination (optional)

  • Calcium and vitamin D test

  • Ca-125 ovarian cancer screen blood test

  • Osteoporosis risk assessment

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